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Your body was lying face down with a rough sea breeze slightly moving your ponytail. Your body felt as if it hit the ground at full speed.

You groaned from the pain and as you opened your eyes you saw a little red haired man gawking at you.

You screeched, “Ahhh!”

The little man did the same. He started what sounded to be cursing in a foreign language.

Mind you, you didn’t know what the hell he was saying. “What? Who are you? How did I get here!?” Then as you closely looked at the tiny man, you recognized it was a leprechaun.

 ‘Oh just my luck! A leprechaun! Sad I don’t understand him’ you thought. The leprechaun watched you carefully as if you were some wild animal. ‘Maybe I should try to talk to him’

“H-hello” You slowly sat up. The leprechaun regarded you. “My name is ______”

The leprechaun was still quiet.

You stuck out your hand in greeting. “My name is ______” you stated again. “What’s your name?” You smiled sweetly.

The leprechaun looked at you carefully but once he saw your genuine smile he came closer to you. Thinking he was going to back away, he surprisingly took your hand and shook it. Then in his language he said his name and returned your smile.

“Pleasure you meet you” You stated as you took your hand back. “I am a bit lost here…could you please tell me where I am?”

The leprechaun responded but you didn’t understand. When you asked for him to repeat what he said, the leprechaun looked behind you and paled.

In confusion you said, “What? Is someone behind m-“ You stopped. Behind you was a strange mass of red and black. Something inside you screamed, ‘RUN!’ but as you stood up to run it grabbed and dragged you. 

“Get off! GAH!” You kicked and screamed. The ‘evil thing’ held your arms in place as it hauled you closer to the ocean. ‘I heard the ocean before…but all I see is the green hills?’

In the corner of your eye, you saw the leprechaun cursing and running in some random direction. “Come back! Please…help” you whimpered.

As soon as the ‘thing’ dragged you over the hill you saw the ocean immediately…and it was dragging you to the cliffs.

“No!” you yelled. The ‘blob’ leads you to the edge of the cliff; by now it’s clear what it intends to do.

“I will NOT die like this!” You struggled in vain.

Ten feet separated you and the cliff’s edge. The ‘thing’ pushed you and as you fell to the ground near the cliff, you punched the ‘mass’ only for it to growl angrily.

It grabbed your head in its ‘hands’ and squeezed inward. You shrieked in agony. “Stop it!” The demonic thing seemed to squeeze harder. “STOP!” Tears pricked at the edges of your eyes.

In response the ‘thing’ replied, “Not until I get what I came for~”

The squeezing of your head became very agonizing until you saw specks of white in your vision. Please…someone help me’


~~~~~Timeskip Of Sexy Ireland Holding a Pint and Swaying His Hips Sensually (that’s my waiter~!)~~~~~~


Ireland was in a pub taking a few swigs of good ol beer and whiskey when he felt he wanted to take a stroll.

Upon stepping outside he noticed it was near sunset with a bit of mist clinging the air.

Smiling to himself, he breathed in the fresh air and walked into a large expanse of a bright green field. In what seemed like a few seconds, he reached the cliffs of his land and inhaled the salty air. He relished how the breeze caressed his ginger locks. The whole moment seemed serene until it was shattered by a certain leprechaun running to him in fright.

“Sir!” The leprechaun tripped but continued running. “Sir!

This concerned Ireland so he turned to him and asked him what happened.

The leprechaun’s response was in Gaelic and to make the translation harder, the tiny man was talking like a rabid chipmunk.

Ireland had to tell the man to calm down and breathe. After the leprechaun did what he said, it still rushed in his words. “Seamus, s-sir, dis-dis lass she came from the sky!” (reference: dis means this)

Seamus was puzzled. “I’m sorry what?”

“She fell right by my end of my rainbow near my pot of gold!” Ireland was bewildered. “I thought she died on impact but she woke up like nothing! Then as she introduced herself an evil entity came and attacked her!”

Seamus was quiet. Then slowly he asked, “Were ye drinking again?”

“The bloody hell of course I was!”  He sniffed the air. “And so were ye! But that’s not the point!” He went closer to Seamus. “Sir there is an evil entity attacking a kind lass over there! I’m serious! I swear on my own pot of gold” He pointed to the direction from which he came from.

Seamus nodded once; when a leprechaun swore on his pot of gold he meant business. “Dear God! I shall help her at once!”

The leprechaun grabbed Ireland’s pants, “Sir dis entity -no thing- is the most sinister thing I ever had the luck to cross”

Ireland made the leprechaun relinquish his hold on him. He walked a couple of feet ahead and when he turned around he smirked, “Well ye better bet all yer shamrocks that I have all the luck then”

He then ran to the direction to which the leprechaun pointed.


~~~~~~~Timeskip Of Seamus Kissing Your Ear and Whispering, “My Lucky Shamrock~” ~~~~~~~~~~~


You were on your knees as you felt your mind being ripped apart. Pain shot through you from left and right and all you could do was kneel down frozen with tears streaming your cheeks.

Then what sounded like a male voice came through your pain-filled mind. “Oi! Stop hurting that poor lass!”

The ‘blob demon’ turned to the male voice then focused its attention on you again. “You’re lucky he’s coming my dear” it breathed, “but I promise I will come back~”

Through clenched teeth you uttered, “Go to hell”

The ‘blob’ shrugged. “Better leave. He’s coming. Goodbye for now~” It gave you head one last jolt of pain and pushed you. It disappeared.

You were helpless as your body tumbled to the cliff’s edge. ‘This is how I go then’ You watched as your feet left the safety of land at the edge. You saw the jagged rocks at the base of the cliff and closed your eyes. ‘I didn’t even say goodbye to my family-‘

At the last moment warm hands grabbed your body. ‘What is this?’

You felt someone place you down on the ground and shake you. “Hey wake up!” A masculine voice ordered.

Your eyes snapped open and blinked several more times. “I’m alive?!”

He smiled relieved. “Aye”

You couldn’t believe it. “H-How” You looked to the cliff. “One moment I was falling and the next-“

“-I grabbed ye and pulled ye to safety” Ireland smiled.

‘S-Seamus saved me!?’

Seamus Kirkland. Otherwise known as Ireland. Auburn hair and stunning green eyes made him a very handsome man. His hair was every bit as messy as his brothers and eyes no less magnificent. He was wearing a green coat which made his eyes stand out more. The very sound of his voice made you feel like jelly inside; though he did have the bushy eyebrows…a characteristic of all the brothers.

You were by this time gawking at him as he gave you a quizzical look, “What was that thing?”

Snapped out of your salivating fantasy with this good-looking man, you turned your head away. “I don’t know” You paused as he waited for you to continue. “…I woke up here and then it attacked me” You closed your eyes trying to fight urge to relive that memory. Looking down to your lap you quietly said, “I can’t even remember where I came from or where I belong”

Since he was already holding you, he brought you closer to him. Seamus thought to himself, ‘This poor lass, seems like something is trying to get her…and on top of that she has amnesia’

You hugged his shirt tightly. In your mind you thought, ‘Why me? What did I do? My memory…gone’

“Any reason why that demon would attack ye?”

You shook your head “I don’t know! One minute I wake up in a place I don’t even know how I got to and the next a creature is out to hurt me!?” Angry tears threatened to spill over your eyes once again.“It’s like I am being punished for something I’m not even aware of! And the worst thing is I don’t remember why or how!” You pulled yourself away from Seamus and looked to the sea.

Silence filled in the space between the two of you.

Ireland looked to at your face pained face. Though you were a stranger, he was a good man. He would help you, not only because it was the right thing to do but being a Kirkland he senses things that cannot be easily seen or felt. Deep inside his soul, he felt somehow you were a gift to him sent from above. He could not explain this peculiarity, only that it was true.

Quietly he said, “Do ye want to come with me?”


“I said-“ He stood up and walked over to your form. “-do ye want to come with me?”

You looked to his sincere face and asked, “Where?”

A small smile formed on his lips as he replied, “Back to my place”

Bewilderment filled your mind, “Why? You just saved me! I have been nothing but trouble.”

“Aye I did” He threw his arm on your shoulders and pulled you to him. “But doesn’t mean I can’t invite a young Bonnie lass like yourself to my place” He was pulling you to the direction of his house.

“W-what?! That makes no sense!”

A smirk tugged on his lips. “It does” You blushed as he smiled suggestively. Then in a burst of thought he asked, “Lass what’s yer name?”

You looked at him equally shocked, “Oh yeah! I never told you my name did I? My name is ______” You stuck a hand out in greeting.

He grabbed it and replied, “I’m Seamus”

“Nice name~”

“Thank you”

You waited for him to compliment you back and when he didn’t you told him, “Hey you are supposed to compliment me too!” You pouted.

“Was I?” He knew what he was doing; he was teasing you.


“Huh” He grinned.

“Stop teasing!” You puffed your cheeks.

“Am I?”

“Ugh!” You forced yourself to turn your head away from him as he continued taunting you.


~~~~Timeskip Of A Certain Leprechaun Watching You and Seamus from Behind a Bush~~~~~~~~~~~


Seamus was such a gentleman (then again what Kirkland isn’t?). He held the door open for you and offered to cook you something.

You immediately said “No thank you” but your stomach betrayed you.

Laughing, Seamus said he will make something while you asked to go to the restroom.

Inside the restroom, you did your ‘business’ and then looked at your bedraggled self in the mirror. “What the-!?”

Almost screeching, you calmed yourself down and fixed your hair the best you could. Your pajama clothes at least looked halfway decent and you smoothed the creases out. ‘Ugh my face looks horrible’ You splashed cool water to your face to wipe the tear stains from your cheeks.

Once you looked back to the mirror, you saw the ‘demon’ again. You flinched. You gazed at the mirror again and it was gone.

The memory of that thing was still too fresh inside your head. ‘I have got to get out of this bathroom!’

You half-ran from the bathroom straight into the dining room.

Upon stepping inside the kitchen, you heard soft singing. Tip-toeing you sneakily hid behind a wall and watched Seamus.

He was singing to himself in some Irish melody. His voice was so sweet, you swooned.

Coming out from your hiding place you said, “Ireland, your singing is beautiful!”

He instantly stopped singing and blushed. “I-It’s nothing just an old song-“ He cocked his head to the side. “Did you call me Ireland?”

You opened your mouth and closed it. ‘Dammit’ Searching for a reasonable explanation, you decided to play the amnesia card. “I’m not totally sure but I remember watching you from somewhere” You put a hand to your forehead for emphasis, “Gosh I hate how I can’t remember anything else”

Seamus got the nagging feeling that you possibly knew more than what you were telling him, but he let it go giving you the benefit of the doubt.

He nodded. “Okay then”

Not wanting him to get more suspicious of you, you bothered him. “So you sing huh~?”

Ireland blushed again. “I already told ye it was an old song”

“Can you sing it for me?”

“Nay” He grabbed plates full of food and set it at the table.

You sniffed the food and clasped your hands. “This smells wonderful! What is it?”

Grateful for the distraction he answered, “Its Dublin coddle”

“Mmm can’t wait to eat it while you sing~” You sat down and looked up to him expectantly.

“Nay I am not singing” He also sat down and ate.

“Come on!” You watched as he stuffed a big piece of meat in his mouth. “You can’t sing with food in your mouth”

He grinned. “Exactly”

“Eww! Close that mouth!” You stuck your tongue out and then began to eat.

Throughout dinner, Seamus tossed out joke after joke while you pestered him to sing.

Growing tired, he managed to finally say “Alright lass ye win. I will sing…”

“Yay!” You did a little victory dance.

“…in the mornin’”

Your jaw dropped. “What? But…but” You yawned. “….Seamus”

“Nay not today”

You yawned before you could even speak your next words. “That’s no fair” Your eyelids felt heavy. ‘Jeez…I’m yawning a lot today’

Jumping at the opportunity to not sing, Seamus stated, “______ you’re tired; go to sleep”

“I am not *yawn* tired!” You stood up from your chair trying to validate that point when you wobbled to the side nearing knocking over your mostly-eaten dinner.

“Oi!” He quickly got up from his chair and was beside you in a heartbeat.

You waved him off. “I’m fine-” You saw he was not convinced. “-I’m just a little tired”

“Ye are bushed. Come on” He put his hand on the small of your back and led you down a corridor.

“I’m awake see?” You opened your eyes wide.

“I see. Any more awake and you look like a loon” He good-naturedly sneered as he opened a random door to his left side.

“That’s mean!” You walked into the room as he gestured you to walk in ahead of him. “I will have you know I am not lunatic” (so the reader says..jk)

You took your glare from Seamus and examined the room ahead of you. You gasped.

The room was amazing. Straightaway you recognized the main color theme of the room was the national Irish colors of green, white, and orange. All these colors meshed in perfectly with the décor. Although all these colors were represented, green seemed to be focused on the most. Clovers and good luck charms littered his desk and were hung in various places.

You shook your head smiling, ‘Figures green would be the most prevalent color; it’s practically means luck’

Seamus noticed your amused expression. “What?”

You turned to him. “It figures that green is everywhere

“Green is for good luck and fortune!” He stated defending his belief.

“Whatever you say” You looked to were the closet stood and saw a gigantic Irish flag hanging. Your eyebrows furrowed. “Is this your room?”


“And I’m in it because….?”

Ireland scratched the back of his head, “Well the guest room is sort of in shambles”

One of your eyebrows raised. “Why?”

“Allistor, Arthur, and I got drunk and trashed the room”

You giggled. “You guys party hard”

“I guess” His face was red with embarrassment until he noticed something green in your hair. “Eh what’s that?”

“What’s what?” You looked around to see what he was talking about.

When he came closer to you, you took a step back. “What are you doing?” He reached up and touched your hair, “Hello!?”

“Wait” He said as he continued fussing with your hair. You fidgeted. “Hold still lass!” when he finally got what he was looking for, your ponytail was once again messed up.

“Gee thanks” You undid your pony and redid it. “I hope you got what you came for”

Ignoring your comment he said, “Jesus will ye look at that” He held up a four leaf clover.

“Woah- where did you get that from!?”

“It was in yer hair”

You looked to him surprised. “That was in my hair?” The clover’s meaning finally hit you. “That means I have good luck…right?!” You beamed.

He couldn’t believe it. Of all the odds you had a four leaf clover on you. Heaven knew he always searched for them but he only ever came across one perfect shamrock in his entire life. And the strange coincidence you had one by accident was even more surreal. “A-Aye”

You couldn’t contain your happiness. You jumped and wrapped your arms around his neck. “I’m lucky!” You squealed. “It’s probably because you saved and took care of me! No- because you found me! And it’s all thanks to you Seamie~!”  Euphoria blindsided you that you kissed his top lip. When you realized what you did you blushed and let go of him. “I-I em I’m sorry”

Dazed Ireland did not know what to do with himself. “It’s alright” Poor Seamus never had such a pretty lass kiss him before. “I-I’m going to hit the Four Post Inn” (This means I am going to bed in Irish slang)

You were going to ask what that means when you decided it was your fault you made the situation awkward. “Okay” was all you replied.

Looking lost, he turned around and murmured, “Goodnight ______”

You softly replied “Goodnight”

After he closed the door behind him, you squealed in delight. ‘I kissed him! My God I did! This is amazing! I could burst!’ You fell on the bed giggling. ‘The blush he had- delicious!’  You couldn’t believe today was real or that your wish from that mirror came true!

But as you lay there, you remembered that you were slowly forgetting your old life and the people you knew, and more importantly, you were forgetting your parents you left behind in your dimension.

Now all that clouded your mind was “Why am I forgetting them?...”

“…And how do I get back home?”

Kirkland Brothers Week has OFFICIALLY started! *dances like an idiot*

Ireland is the first out of the three brothers to start this off! Oh yeah~!

Jeez this story was super fun to make! It seems like I always make the reader awkward... lol

I hope you leave a comment! I appreciate the support and I will give lucky shamrocks to you if you fav~! (and possibly a magic mirror) ;)

I only own the plot to this story as well as my other BTLG stories! (Note: I used Photoshop to make him smile)

You belong to whomever and whatever you desire (No I lie this smexy Irishman owns you~)

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"Nay" -Ireland you are not a horse so stop trying
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I know Arthur, but whos the other Kirkland



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