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A strange feeling of being watched made you breath hard.


You didn’t open your eyes thinking you were in a dream.


Something smelled foul.

“Yuck!” You sat straight up covering your nose. “Ugh! It smells disgusting!”

The smell was like months old trash; filled with maggots and flies.

“Gross!” You looked around to find the repulsive smell when your eyes settled on a white bull.

Usually when one sees a white bull they would exclaim, “Oh how pretty~!” But no.

This bull had red eyes with black slits for pupils. Its coat didn’t have a healthy sheen; it was sickly. The coat’s luster reminisced with green snot than a pure white. As your nose tried to recognize the odor it gave off, you realized it didn’t smell like trash… it smelled like bodies.

It smelled like Death.

The bull inched closer to you.

A warning bell went off in your head. ‘Get away!’

You were shifting your weight to run. The bull sensed this and its strong hooves pounded against the ground to get to you.

You screeched and managed to sprint for a few meters when it used one of its long horns to trip you.


You fell to the ground and twisted your ankle. “Ah!” But you knew you had to keep going. You got back up only to be thrown down again.


The bull towered over you and you looked to it; fear evident in your eyes.

You tried to wiggle in the space but the bull dug its horns into the ground; either side of your head, successfully trapping you. Your arms were tightly bound to your sides; leaving you defenseless. Its moist foul breath caressed your face.

You gagged at the smell. It was like a corpse was breathing on you.

The bull smirked. “Rrrrr!” More of its foul breath and partial snot dripped on your face.

Tears started leaking from your eyes. “Get off of me! Let me go”

The bull ignored you and its saliva was covering your face. Some of it went into your mouth. You were close to throwing up. The saliva tasted like the death of many people but more importantly it tasted like your death about to come.

“I said get off me you filthy creature!” you yelled kicking with all your might to its belly.

The bull at first was startled and then realizing you were retaliating, thrust one of its hooves to your side.


White hot pain blinded your vision for a second. You cried out. 

The bull smiled. Purposely it touched your side again; almost like it wanted you to scream again.

“Why!?” you whimpered. “WHY?” Rivulets of tears cascaded down your cheeks.

The animal seemed to shrug as if it understood.

Your anger flared up. This thing acted like it knew what you were saying and enjoyed your suffering. “You a$$hole! Get the f*ck OFFA ME!” Somehow you wiggled your arms enough that you landed a punch to the demonic face.

“RRRRR!” it shrieked.

You grinned. “That’ll teach you!” You flipped yourself onto your stomach to get your feet under you when a huge hoof weighed you down.

“No!” Like a bug under a shoe, your arms flailed out on the sides trying to grab hold of anything to escape. But it was futile. The pressure above you was too great and your body didn’t stand a chance.

The hoof pressed you down to the floor harder and harder until you were sure you could taste your spine.

“NO! Not like this!” You choked. You didn’t get this far only for you be killed.

You felt a sharp tip of the horn in the middle of your head. You froze in fear. Trying to look back, you partially saw the bull dipping its head. Its long twisted horn was positioned like it was going to thrust in.

“Wait NA-!” You were cut off as the horn pierced your skull.

A sickening crunch! was heard. You tasted blood in the back of your mouth.

The world was steadily becoming monochrome. White creeped into your vision threatening to overtake you. ‘Not yet. I can’t die yet!’

Faintly you felt something sloshing your brain around like it was a piece of meat. Feebly you thought ‘Is that my brain? It feels… odd’

A satisfied growl erupted and you felt the heavy hoof leave your body. Breathing came easier and you took gulps of air.

Unfortunately the white in your vision didn’t decrease.

You felt the large body of the animal walk in front of your face. It lowered its head to look into your dulling [e/c] eyes.

It took almost all of your strength to look up.

Its red orbs blinked once, twice, before it stood up to its full stature again.

You kept staring at it. Almost daring it to end you.

The bull clapped its hoof to the ground. Thump!

Despite being nearly dead, you were confused. ‘What is it doing?’


You head started to feel numb. Pain started to fade and it felt like you were too. ‘What’s going on?’


A bizarre feeling bubbled inside you. ‘I don’t like this’


Part of you felt like it was detaching. ‘Wait-‘


Now you realized what was going on. ‘It’s- It’s taking MY-!‘


And white exploded across your vision.


~~~~~~~~~Timeskip Of 2p Spain Sliding The Flat of His Sword Across His Bare Chest Smirking~~~~~~~~~~


Spain was leisurely cleaning his house. He enjoyed his time alone. Though he was patient with Romano he constantly hated how he always tried to make him dress up. Thankfully Spain always had his trusty sword hanging by his side so all he had to do was flash it and Romano would be on his way.

Leering at the thought, Spain joyfully hummed to himself. Busying himself with cleaning the couch cushions, he found a dirty DVD. (dear reader it’s not dirty, its porn!) Alejandro debated watching it now or to pick his tomatoes, so he chose the most obvious thing….

His tomatoes.

Putting the movie on his kitchen counter, he grabbed a basket and went outside.

The day was beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky. The grass was a green as can be and the birds sang joyfully. Now all that was missing was-


-A girl moaning?

Alejandro looked back inside thinking he put the porno in the TV and played it.

He looked to the counter to find the movie still there.

‘Weird’ he thought. ‘I really thought I heard-‘


Okay. It was clear that the sound was real. Highly curious, Spain wondered if anyone was having sex in his backyard. (yes because some random person would do that) Hand already at his sword, he stepped passed a couple of bushes to find an unconscious girl with [s/c] skin and [h/c] hair.

His breath hitched. “What the hell?!”

You were like a perfect sculpture. Your lips were the perfect shade of red and your frame was befitting to any man.

Looking down to your clothes, he saw your [f/c] tanktop askew and your grey bra accentuating your cleavage. Leaving no room to the imagination, he started grinning ferociously.

“Looks like I found the perfect tomate~”


*Quick POV Switch!*

You started to stir when you felt something close to you.

A quick vision of the bull came into your head and you screamed clawing in front of you. “NO!”

You felt hard pressure on your wrists. Confused how a bull could do that, you looked up to see reddish violet orbs.

Startled you finally computed who was looking back at you.

“I-I… Alejandro?”

He was handsome. Words died at your mouth. Alejandro Carriedo. The second player of 2p Spain was currently holding your wrists with curiosity written all over his face. His brown hair was neatly tied back with a silky lavender ribbon. Perfect skin the color of bronze touched yours making your cheeks pink.

“That wasn’t very nice chica” His stunning eyes mixed with purple and red roamed over your body.

“Spain I-“ You shut your mouth. Was it smart to say you knew him? You didn’t have the chance to answer when Spain replied, “So know me huh? Well if you know me then you should know that no one goes in my property without my permission!” You heard an unsheathing of a sword.

You gulped. Boy someone was not happy. You quickly tried to get away from him. However he was faster. He quickly loomed over your lying body, leaving no chance to escape. “Trespassers do not escape me chica~”

Your breath caught.

“Now….” He pressed his Toledo sword against the side of your neck right on your pulse. “Tell me why you are on my yard?”

Slowly as to not light his short temper you replied, “I am not very sure how I got here”

The vein on his temple started to throb. He thought you had the gall to lie to him. The grip on his sword tightened and the cool metal pressed even harder to your vulnerable skin. Knowing death was coming for you again, you quickly added, “But all I remember is being attacked by a white bull!” You cringed waiting the long blade to plunge into you.

Surprisingly, he didn’t. Ever so slightly, the distance between the blade and your neck was increased. Breathing a sigh of relief, you stopped midbreath when you noticed his eyes narrowing.

“A white bull?”

You nodded.

His jaw clenched. He remembered seeing a bull a week ago.


*Oh Look A Flashback Starts in Three… Two-*


Spain was picking tomatoes like usual as a revolting smell invaded his nostrils. In disgust he thought one of the tomatoes went bad. Taking a careful sniff, he realized none of the tomatoes were bad.


He quickly turned around his sword in hand expecting an attacker but instead found a white bull.

Inhaling the air, he choked. So it was the bull. It stunk up his whole tomato plantation. Alejandro went to a nearby tree where his gun was. He sheathed his sword and grabbed the gun.

“Leave!” he shouted.

The bull dumbly looked to him.

Spain shrugged. “Fine stupido have it your way” He shot twice to get it off his property. As the bullets went into its pelt, the bullets disappeared and the wounds healed quickly.

“¿¡Qué putas pasa!?”

As if that wasn’t baffling enough, the bull laughed. I mean actually laughed. Like a human.

Alejandro yelled, “Leave demonio! Or I will f*cking kill you!” He raised the gun again.

The animal smiled. Ignoring Spain’s empty threat, it said, “In one week’s time, a girl will appear on your property”

This baffled Spain. But his quiet and intelligent nature led him to contemplate the ways to get a bruja to exorcise this demon. ‘Pfft. I don’t need anyone. I can exorcise this demon myself and send it back to hell’

The bull, taking in the confused expression of Alejandro, continued “You will know once you see her” It turned to leave when Spain yelled, “Eh! You come here and stink up my yard expecting me to listen to you demonio?!” He took a shot at it; the animal huffed annoyed. Spain smirked, “Plus why the f*ck would I care about some random chica?” 

The animal marginally turned its large head toward him to answer, “We shall see…” and faded into the vegetation.

Alejandro already had his short tempter lit. He got even angrier that a demon got the better of him. He shot the place where the animal disappeared repeatedly. He felt puzzled and furious but most of all the emotion he most hated threatened to consume him:



*Back to the Present! Where all the good stuff happens!*


 Alejandro flinched out of the flashback and got off of you.

You were shocked he didn’t automatically kill you. ‘Doesn’t he like his privacy? Sure the guy hates a lot of stuff but doesn’t he mostly hate when people go into his territory?’ Anxiously you got up from the ground watching him.

Gruffly Spain pointed his sword to the exit from his yard. “Leave. Go home” He turned away. Something inside him was reluctant to let you go. ‘Wait what if she is the girl the bull told you about? Shouldn’t she stay?’ A little voice inside him said. ‘No’ he answered. ‘I just want her to get the f*ck off of my property!’ Turning around thinking you left, he was shocked you were still there.

Irritation sparked his fuse. “Well what are you waiting for?? Leave!” He was tempted to slash at you but some strange force kept his hand with the sword down.

You bit your lip as you refused to look into his eyes. “I don’t know where to go… I can’t remember where I am from”

Many things passed through his mind when you said that. The wars. The sadness. But most of all the loneliness. It seemed that everywhere he turned to a neighbor or even a friend would turn on him for either power, money, or his land. So yes. He understood the feeling of helplessness and loss of control all too well.

Gritting his teeth for being sympathetic he asked, “You don’t remember?”

You wordlessly shook your head.

A flash of the bull’s words came into his head. Alejandro then got a perverted idea. ‘Maybe the bull got me a virgin~’ he thought. Grinning he looked to you and told you, “Come”

‘Why is he grinning?’ You widened your eyes at his invite, “To where?”

“My home where else?” he sarcastically countered.

“R-Really? But aren’t you Spain? The person who doesn’t care about anyone?”

He sternly looked to you irate.

You revised what you said, “I mean I would love to join you” You gave a shaky laugh.

He didn’t say anything but instead faintly pushed you in the direction of his home. He sheathed his sword and walked close to you; meaning no room was given for you to escape successfully.

Meanwhile Spain’s usual quiet nature came back; leaving him time to think for himself. ‘I wonder how this chica knew me?’ He rolled his eyes. ‘It’s obvious. She probably listens to the latest gossip the public constantly dishes out. Especially how I killed that one cabrón with only a tomato’

You looked to him. “Um since we are going to be in each other’s company I want to say that my name is ______”

He regarded you for one second before grunting in ‘disinterest’.

The walk to his house was quiet but you were just thankful he wasn’t irate. Right now he was calm.

You saw the sun gently dappling his toned biceps. ‘Hmm~ So muscly. I wonder how his magnificent eyes catch the sunlight…’ You looked even more up to find his very eyes on you.

Jumping you got caught, you looked away but not before noticing the amused expression in his eyes.

‘Gosh if I didn’t know any better he was watching me!’ You mentally stated.

Oh if only you knew.


~~~~Timeskip Of Alejandro Trapping You Against The Counter and Uttering, “You Want More?”~~~~


Currently you were leaning against the counter looking around his house baffled.

The house was surprisingly colorful. You expected more shades of dark until you looked to the curtains. It was a deep purple color with dark red splashed onto it. It looked like a pattern on the curtain but with a 2p around you couldn’t be too sure. Cringing about the thought of someone’s blood on those curtains, you looked back to Alejandro.

He was swaying his hips as he cooked.

You smirked. Even as a second player, he still had a perky butt. Fantasizing you could squeeze it; you looked down to the counter. You gasped. In front of you was a cover of a porno movie.

A.  Freaking. Porno. Movie.

Scarlet flushed your features. Your mind yearned to look away but your eyes had another idea. You took in the look in the woman’s face of ecstasy and the man smirking behind her-

“It is a good movie~” Alejandro said from behind your ear. You shouted in alarm and your arm swung back almost colliding to him.

He grabbed your arm and cursed in Spanish. “Do not do that again” he growled. He harshly let go of your arm before including, “Dinner is ready though I’m tempted to make you eat it outside”

You pouted but were grateful he made food for you nonetheless.

You followed him to the table and sat down.  


~~~~~~~Timeskip Of the Reader Thinking If She and Alejandro Were On the Cover of That Movie~~~~


You sighed in contentment. Alejandro sure knew how to cook. His dish called “Punta de Solomillo” was to die for! Already you missed eating it, it was that good.

Inquisitiveness made you look to him. You tried to start a conversation with Alejandro but he chose to stay silent. You thought he didn’t feel like talking to you because he was still vexed. What you didn’t know was that he enjoyed watching your lips move; imagining what he could do to them.

Seeing you sink into your chair relaxed and lips perfectly parted caused his selfish nature to awaken. Swiftly he left his chair and reached you.

Your sleepy eyes looked to his startled. His face was uncomfortably close to yours. He breathed, “Tienes labios perfectos _____~”

That sultry voice made you snap awake. “Wait wha- umpf!” He carried you and sprinted to his room.

He let you go and before you could comprehend it you were pressed against the bedpost. His body pressed against yours; hands roaming.

Your mouth gasped in shock giving him the perfect chance to dominate you. “Spain s-stop mmph~”

He wouldn’t stop. No. If you were truly sent here for him, didn’t he deserve what he wanted?

One of his hands fisted in your hair forcing your face up. Giving full entrance to your neck, he inhaled. God you were intoxicating. Why were you so intoxicating? Like you were his perfect fruit. He groaned.

You on the other hand were equally mesmerized. ‘He feels so good. But do I want… this?’ He bit down on your neck. You moaned. ‘I really like this. But… is this how I want this to go?’ Your mind started to get fuzzy. ‘I wanted this for so long… but isn’t he just using me?’

You needed some air. You looked to his eyes and said, “Alejandro…”

Normally he wouldn’t have stopped but taking one look at your eyes made him go still. ‘What is that?’ he thought to himself, ‘No it can’t be! She only just met me!’ But there was no denying it. He saw love in your eyes. The emotion hit him hard. After years of fighting against everyone, love was an emotion he never experienced.

A bizarre emotion made his stomach twist in knots. ‘No!’ he mentally bellowed, ‘I have a hardened heart. Love doesn’t exist for me’ The emotions he felt were too much. He needed to get away from you.

He took a step back. “You can stay here…in this room. I'm leaving”

You blinked several times to get rid of your hazy vision. “Uh?”

He grumbled, “I said you can stay here pendeja!”

His sudden action left you dazed. “You are letting me stay… here?” Wow talk about a tsundere personality.

“Imbecile, don’t you understand? If you don’t I will r-gah!”

You rushed up to him giving him a light peck on the lips. Then you automatically took five steps back in case he lashed out. “Thank you” You thought of something else to say, “Thank you, Ale. I know you act all angry but you’re truly compassionate”

The compliment left him unnerved. No one complimented him genuinely before. The last time he was ever given some kind gesture was a stab to the back.

“Whatever” was his reply before he lumbered off to another room.

Watching his form go, you decided to close the door before you yelled into the bedsheets thrilled.

‘Did that just happen?!’ You smiled; then you thought of how dark it was. Feeling for a light switch, you flipped it on.

You looked up and inhaled sharply. This was Spain’s room. The torn flag was an obvious sign. One side of the room had swords mounted on it and the other had pictures of Spain’s beautiful landscape.

You would have gazed longer at the signs when you felt a twitch on your cranium.

You touched your head remembering the bull crushed your skull in. However your fingers were only met with hair and skull still intact.

Your fingers roamed to the side where the animal struck you. Your side felt normal; no pain was felt and no bones were protruding. ‘Huh?? Was that all a dream?’ You sat down on the bed and rose your shirt to find a hoof mark. ‘I guess not… but why doesn’t the mark hurt?’ You touched it waiting for something to happen. Nothing did.

Bewildered, you looked to the ceiling hoping answers would come to you. The only thing that you remembered was that you were slowly forgetting your old life and the people, and more importantly, your parents you left behind in your own dimension.

Now all that worried your mind was “Why am I forgetting them?...”

“…And how do I get back home?”

So I have got to admit House of Night kinda inspired me with the bull... except with a bit of a twist!  As expected!Bunny Emoji-40 (Gangnam) [V3] 

Oh and sorry for the WAAAAY late update! I was busy with Finals but now that its over... that means more stories~! Mother of god 

Oh and btw I will announce Nordics Week soon~!

Plus enjoy the smexy scenes~. They are all for you! Bunny Emoji-39 (Really) [V3] Oh and comments are much appreciated and will be rewarded with a certain Spanish booty~

I own the plotline! 

However I do NOT own the characters or the picture. (Note: I used Photoshop to manipulate the picture especially when adding the purple in his eyes) 

You belong to Yourself Unless otherwise stated (Pfft I think the Sexy Spain dominated you~)

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>w< You flatter me XD
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