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“Hello my name is Eren Yeager”

The said boy waves to the camera.

“And I was nominated to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by Jean Kirstein… that idiot” Eren cleared his throat, “I am doing this challenge to help promote the cause in stopping ALS and will be donating  $1000”

The boy straightened to his fullest height and looked dead to the camera, “Therefore an ice bucket full of freezing slosh will be thrown on me but before I get wet I want to nom- ACK!”

A bucket of ice water was thrown on the unsuspecting boy and his round face became tomato red in both of anger and frustration.


The girl stepped into the view of the camera while a shrug of her shoulders, “What Eren?”

“You were supposed to wet me AFTER I nominate my candidates” Eren wiped some the of the ice slosh from his thick eyebrows.

“Oh…sorry” Mikasa gazed down seemingly unaffected by the boy’s tantrum.

Eren shook himself from the camera while the camera person was giggling. “Stop laughing Hanji!”

“Haha! How could I not?? This is like a wonderful experiment~!” Hanji replied.

Eren gritted his teeth and ignored the eccentric woman, “Before I got interrupted, I was going to nominate my costars Mikasa Ackerman, Hanji Zoe, and Armin Arlert”

Hanji Zoe squealed and dropped the camera on a table. “YES! I wanted to be nominated!!”

Mikasa and Eren stared at her wide eyed and Eren complained, “Hey this is my vid-OW!”

Hanji hit the boy upside his head with a bucket full of ice water. “Hehe~!”

Mikasa raised her eyebrow, “Where did you get that?”

The peculiar woman grinned, “I’ve been stashing an extra bucket of ice water just in case I got nominated!” Hanji glared at the camera, “Now I will COMPLETE THE CHALLENGE!” She dumped the slosh on her head.

Eren and Mikasa watched to see her reaction. Hanji flinched until she unexpectedly screamed, “WOOO!”

The two adolescents slowly backed away from her thinking she finally lost it.

Hanji pointed at the camera, “Now I challenge three of my closest friends: Erwin Smith, Levi Ackerman, and the beloved _(first)_  _(last)_. You have 24 hours~”

Eren was about to turn off the camera when she grabbed it from his hands and said her final departing statement, “Don’t disappoint me or I will taunt you every single waking moment. Bye!”

The video ended and Levi shut his laptop with a smash!

“That little shit!”

You were chewing on a marshmallow when you heard Levi scream. Immediately running to see if your boyfriend was going to kill somebody, you saw him closing his laptop with such vigor the metal bent.

“Levi what’s wrong?” Surely the Internet was working since you were on your phone playing, ‘Clash of Clans’

Levi was pinching the bridge of his nose, “Shitty glasses nominated me for the ALS Challenge”

“Huh. She did?” You sat on his knee and carefully opened his laptop. There on the screen was Hanji pointing at the camera with a maniacal grin on her face. You read the caption that stated, “Hanji Zoe nominates famous actor and actress Levi Ackerman and _(first)_  _(last)_!”

You swallowed your marshmallow, “Wow she nominated me too”

Behind you Levi groaned, “Now we have to do the stupid challenge”

You turned around and patted his leg, “You know it’s not that bad. Plus if you really don’t want to do it you can just donate”

“Tch. It was clearly a dare. I for one don’t back away from challenges like that pussy Armin”

“Armin didn’t do it?” you questioned. ‘Poor little guy’ you thought.

Levi dismissively waved his hand, “He stated he couldn’t do it because he was sick. Feh”

You snickered, “That seems like a legitimate reason”

“Whatever” Levi averted his gaze, “So…are you going to do it?”

“Do what? The challenge?”

“What the fuck else do you think I am talking about?” He growled.

“Hmm. Yeah sure why not? It’s for a good cause” You kissed his lips lightly, “Now the question is what should I wear?”

“A white shirt; that way I can see those perky breasts“


~~~~Timeskip Of Your Cat Heichou Glaring Daggers at Levi for Seducing His Master~~~~~~


Setting up a camera and ice buckets were a piece of cake. Now for the hard part… Getting Levi to come outside to participate.

You chuckled. In many ways Levi reminded you of your cat Heichou. They loved to be alone, to glare, and most of all they hated to be in cold. Always.


“Come on Levi!”

No answer.

“Levi come out here!”

No response. Zilch.

“Don’t be such a baby!” You smirked knowing teasing him would get him outside.

“Levi I didn’t take you as a quitter~”

“I’m fucking right here, idiot” He walked outside wearing only his swim trunks. “Let’s get this over with”

You shook your head. Adjusting your bikini top, you set up your camera on a table and clicked the record button. “Okay its ready!”

“Hello I am _(first)_ and this is my boyfriend Levi!”

Levi barely made an effort to wave and you bumped him with your hip thus earning a growl.

 “We are now responding to Hanji Zoe’s dare to complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!” You looked at him to continue.

Levi sighed, “After completing this challenge we are each going to donate $2000”

Relieved he said what he was supposed to you continued, “My boyfriend and I are going to pour ice cold water on each other at the same time then we will challenge three other people”

You and Levi got your buckets and raised them, “Okay we are going to do it! One, tw- EEEK!”

Skin numbing water dripped down your chest and torso. Uncomfortably the water slid down your legs and made your shiver uncontrollably. The water was absolutely horrible!

‘How can anyone find this enjoyable?!’ you thought as you gasped at the cold leeching into your bones.

Levi on the other hand lightly cursed though he somehow kept a straight face. Looking up he saw you doing the cutest pout as you shivered. Giving one of those rare smiles, he hugged your shoulders and told the camera:

“I nominate all you little shits watching this. Oh and Shitty Glasses fuck you”

Shutting off the camera he kissed you passionately.

“Levi?!” It was strange he was acting like this.

“Shut up and let’s get in the hot tub. My balls are shrinking”

You smiled and kissed him, “Oh Levi”

Together you both jumped into the nearby hot tub as Heichou watched disgruntled.

The Ice Bucket Challenge In One Word: SHHHHHHHH*T! pewdiepie gasp 

That crap is so cold but I guess that's what I get when I get nominated! Though its for a good cause its still making you freeze like a popsicle.
I implore you all to try this, donate, and bring AN END TO ALS! Thank you! :)

Sorry the story is so short but blame Zee! She is the one who is taking all my time when I'm not on DA! ;D

Disclaimer: Since there is not many curse words I didn't mark it as adult content if any one of you are disgruntled because of this I will be more than happy to send you a censored version! 

Thank you :)

EDIT: HOLY FRACKING SHIZZ?! 100+ favs for this thing?? ... THANK YOU! 

Its my first 100+ fav story in under 24 hours. You are all so amazing. Here lemme hug you! APH Prussia tackle hug 
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(when reader-chan and levi are in the bath) *Reader-chan touches Levis balls by accident* (Levi is quiet for a moment but then screams) CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN YOU FEEEEEEEEEEEL THEEEE BAAAAAAAAAALZ TONIGHTTTTTTTTTT
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"Shut up and let's get in the hot tub. My balls are shrinking."
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“Shut up and let’s get in the hot tub. My balls are shrinking

I- I just.. I can't *Begins to laugh again*
“I nominate all you little shits watching this. Oh and Shitty Glasses fuck you”
“Shut up and let’s get in the hot tub. My balls are shrinking”
Best part XD
OMG i'm fucking crying because I laughed too much :D
Go on writing stories like this one
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Hahahahahaha his balls are shrinking XD and he nominated all the little shits watching this classic Levi, btw I loved this ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Oh... Your balls? dayum. XDDDDD
ColourTraveller Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Student General Artist
amazing story, but I am against ALS Ice Challenge, Many of people didn't do some reasearch on this, ALS test on the poor monkey toturing them for cure for als which few people go through. I support ALS cure but not this als company, because there is many ways to find cure other than abusing the animals for reasearch. and Most people in California waste water doing this challenge, We californians are in severe drought. I am beyond pissed at the idiotic people. Sorry about my long rants, But Your story is still amazing but it's all about wrong thing D:
SkeletonDolly Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Levi is like a cat HAHAHAHAH xd *Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (So exciting!) 

Hahaha this was awesome x33 
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loved it reminded me of when me and my boyfriend were nominated by our friends jaylin and jessica it was not pleasent *Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (Angry) 
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My balls are shrinking
Me: -spits out the water- What?! o.o did you seriously say that Levi? -facepalms-
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