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Living on the streets was not easy.

There was murderers, rapists, and not to mention the God-awful drunks that threw glass bottles at you. 

But one could guess such was the life of a cat. A cat in Victoria England.

You gazed at your surroundings in disgust. Being in the alley of a bar was gross. You couldn't believe this actually happened to you.

One day you were taking a stroll in the park and lightly bumped into a man in a cloak. In surprise he yelled "Abracadabra" and poof! Your life as a human was over.  

You growled bitterly recalling that awful memory. 'That stupid man! If only I scratched him with my claws maybe he would have turned me back...' 

Sadly that wasn't the case because you ran away in disbelief to what just happened. You ran and and ran. You ran until your paws were bleeding. Until your breaths became diminished to hurried pants. Until exhaustion overtook your tiny body and made you succumb to a nightmarish sleep.

Coming out of that memory, you meowed sorrowfully. It had been six months since that day.

You turned your head to lick your dirtied fur. Your once shiny [h/c] was now dull as the pavement of the streets. 

'Yuck' you thought. 'I taste like a bag of garbage- and I would know since that is the only way I could get food'

You turned your head back down to a puddle. 'At least I kept my [e/c] eyes' 

Feeling thirsty you put your head down to take a sip of water. 

You cat-screeched. 'EW!' 


Your ears twitched and your feline body went on instinct. Your fur flared up and your claws came out. 

A dog- which was a pitbull- came to you. 

'Hello pretty kitty what are you doing here on my master's territory?' His voice menacing. 

'I was here resting' you answered. 'But I see I now must go' You turned to leave. Pitbulls were heartless cat killers. You had to leave now.

'Not so fast kitty~'

You momentarily stopped to look over your shoulder. 'Oh?'

'Yes. Stay there pretty kitty.... because....' The pitbull's jaw lengthened. 'I need a new CHEWTOY!' Its eyes became crazed and it launched its huge body at you.

Screaming you launched your small body into the streets. However you were surprised to find that there were many people on it. 

They seemed to be walking to one place.

Wondering why there was so much people around you saw a huge tent and many posters saying, "The Noah's Arc Circus has now come to town! See the amazing performers that perform tricks you won't believe! Be sure to catch the show of a lifetime!"

You stopped. 'A circus? Since when does a circus come into town?'

'Come back kitty! Kitty!' 

An unpleasant shiver went down your spine. Once again you sprinted away and dodged all the legs of the people above. 

The sound of the dog's shouting seemed to be fading away as you neared the huge tent. 

Running in, you took shelter behind one of the stands people were sitting on. 

Suddenly you heard the crowd awing. 

Curious to see what they were awing at; you came out of your hiding place.

Immediately you were in pure amazement to what you saw.

You watched a performer flip on the tightrope with such grace that you felt unworthy of watching. You looked around to see more performers. A man wrapped in snakes. A woman lashing a tiger. (You cringed at that since you too were a cat) A boy throwing daggers. A man juggling and purposely messed up to make the crowd laugh. But there was one man that caught your eye. He was clad in black with a top hat. He had the most peculiar appearance; with pale skin, ink black hair, and red eyes. 

You felt almost compelled to near him but sadly one of the people attending the circus saw you. "Ack! Its a filthy street cat!"

The woman continued to shriek until a man threw a bag of popcorn at you. 

Dodging the attack, you scooped some of the kernels into your mouth to appease your stomach. Another woman threw to what appeared to be a bracelet at you. Seeing the beautiful shiny gold bracelet your kitty heart stopped.

'So shiny...' Using your mouth, you grabbed it.

"Hey that is mine you stupid cat!" The woman screamed. "Someone help! That cat stole my bracelet!"

"I will get it for you Lady Lia!" Two men replied.

"Don't forget to kill it!" 

They nodded and ran to you with evil expressions. 

Running away from the people trying to attack you, you ran outside the tent. 

Quickly searching for a hiding place you hide in a small brown tent. Inside you hide under to what looked like an uncomfortable bed. 

Panting you put your little cat tail to your mouth to muffle your breathing. You heard the men run past the tent and you gave a sigh of relief. 


You froze. From under the bed you saw feet walking into the tent. You saw that the black shoes neared your hiding place. 

'Oh no! Did they find me?!'

The shoes seemed to go toward you until they disappeared. You wearily looked around. Unfortunately when you thought they were gone, a face popped into your view. 


"Gotcha!" The man grabbed you by the collar and dragged you out. 

"Meow MEEOW!" You scratched and clawed. 'No! I will not be caught!'

The second man took the gold bracelet from your mouth and snickered. "Is this what you wanted?"

You hissed. 

"Hehe I thought so. You know we would normally let you go but our lady wants you dead" The red headed man laughed. "I do love some cat stew"

You stared at him in horror.

The other man with a scar on his eye grabbed you and ringed your neck. 

"MEOW M-MEO" You choked. 'I can't die like this!' The pressure became greater on your neck. 'I can't even fight back' Tears formed in your eyes. 'I can't even call for help' You felt yourself slipping. 'Is this the end-'

"Excuse me you are in my tent" 

The men's heads snapped up. Through your drooped eyelids you saw the man clad in black from earlier. 

 "Sorry about that, sir. We will be on our way" The redheaded man replied.

The man in black shook his head, "I'm afraid that won't happen"

 "And why is that?" The scarred man answered.

"Because you are hurting a delicate feline. A feline that is more gracious than you ugly fools" The man in black said. 

"Just who do you think you are?!" The redhead man yelled. He pulled out a knife.

"Why I am Sebastian" He grinned.

"Let's gut this fool!" The scarred man bellowed as he carried your weak body. 

The two men launched their attack at Sebastian. You feared the poor man will be overpowered when suddenly the two men who were trying to kill you were unconscious on the floor. You on the other hand were in the arms of someone.

'What in the?'

Hesitantly you gazed upward to find this 'Sebastian'. 

Sebastian smiled at you, "Hello. I see you were in some trouble" He looked at the two men, "Sorry you had to see that but the trash had to be dealt with" 

You continued to stare at him, 'Who is this guy? He certainly knows some kind of self defense'

Sebastian held you carefully and cocked his head to the side, "I wonder if you are a girl or boy?" He rose you up and then he nodded, "A female"

If cats could blush, you would be a dark red. In total embarrassment you lashed out at him. 

Sebastian apologized, "I'm terribly sorry. I got too curious"

You meowed in reply. 

Gently he set you down on his bed, "Now what to do with you"

You backed away from him frightened. Will he throw you out? Or worse: what about he decided you were better off dead than alive? 

Sebastian smiled, "No need to be afraid. I will not hurt you" He saw your irregular breath. He remembered you were being choked before he came in to rescue you. "Poor kitty. How about you stay with me... that is if you feel like it" 

You blinked, 'Is this guy for real? Why is he so nice to me?' You looked into his ruby red eyes. 'But I feel safe with him. Maybe i can stay for a while. Besides its not like I have anything else to do' 

Nearing him you pawed his hand, "Mew" Translation: "Kay"

Sebastian's face lit up, "Wonderful"

One of the men groaned.

Sebastian's eyes narrowed but not before he brightened again. "You will like it here. Hopefully my master will not give much of a fuss" He petted your fur carefully; you purred and leaned into his touch. He stood up, "I must go now and take care of this...trash" He grabbed the two men by the collar when the gold bracelet fell to the floor. 

Gazing at the bracelet, you observed Sebastian picking it up. He walked over to you and rose it to your face. "Do you like it?"


He nodded, "I figured. A feline has eloquent taste" He gingerly put the bracelet around your neck. Surprisingly it fit perfectly on your tiny neck as a collar. Sebastian said, "Perfect! Now I believe I should call you Gold"

You liked your new name. It somehow felt right coming from him. 

Sebastian grabbed the men again and headed out, "See you soon, Gold" He left. 

You watched him in awe. 

'I finally found a home' 
Finally a story after getting my laptop back!  That and I wrote another Black Butler story :)

And good news! Hetalia  BTLG is back! 
Taiga and Minori (I miss you hug) [V1] 
I do appreciate those of you still with me and let me show you my gratitude by submitting more stories :3

Thank you and I hope to see you all soon. Asuna (Smile 1) [V1] 
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this was fun :) it's inspired me to write something. 
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